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My network and I can offer you facilitation services (e.g. moderation of leading-edge projects and other workshops, change management, conflict resolution and team development) as well as training and coaching.


We are passionate about supporting people who are on the road to success – regardless of whether they are German or international work-groups, seminar groups or individuals. The breadth of our varying specialist knowledge and experience enables us to find exactly the right consultant or trainer for every situation.


Both my life and work experience so far have thoroughly convinced me that everyone has their own particular strengths and abilities that they would like to use for the benefit of the whole team. If they can’t achieve this, then something has gone badly wrong!


My particular skill is to enable people to recognise and realise their strengths and to use them in working towards a common success. I get teams to work well with each other, in the same way that in coaching I am able to reconcile conflicting personality traits in such a way that they help rather than hinder the further development of the individual.


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At each stage before we start we look at what has happened in the past, the current situation and your requirements. In our experience this preliminary discussion opens up new points of view and constitutes the beginning of the consultancy. Working together we develop pragmatic solutions that match the situation, the people involved and your budget.


Our complete portfolio of services is available in both German and English.

  • Moderation of Workshops

    We guide the discussion process using questions, and help you to visualise both the process and its result. Our knowledge of interpersonal relations allows us to create an atmosphere in which each participant feels free to make a contribution.

    In this way, practical and sustainable results are achieved that are fully embraced by all the participants.

  • Moderation of Project Workshops

    Our extensive project management expertise means that we know which questions need to be resolved to enable successful project work. We use our facilitation skills to make sure that each participant can contribute their own particular perspective, their way of working and their abilities and that they can use their energy and, at the same time, have fun, in working towards the common project goal.


    In the Project Kick-off Meeting we develop, together with the project leader and the project team, a common understanding of the project goal, the individual roles and responsibilities and the approach. After this workshop the team can start straight away with the project as all essential open questions have been resolved.

    In the Project Review Meeting we look back with the project team at the work to date, and develop and plan the opportunities for improvement. Any conflicts arising are dealt with in a constructive, helpful way without any attribution of blame.


    In the Project Closure Workshop we bring together everything that has been learned from the project and ensure that there is an appropriate emotional closure. We especially recommend such a project closure meeting even if the project was unsuccessful, as it allows the team members to unburden themselves and to attack the next project full of energy.

  • Moderation of Virtual Reality Settings

    Thanks to the new technologies emerging around Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality, there are exciting new opportunities for collaborative work. Here are two examples:


    Shared product development with developers located in different places:

    Using a virtual reality headset, developers can see the current state of development of the product as if it were already at the prototype stage. They can see the product from all sides and turn or flip it over as required. Potential alterations can be quickly and easily developed (and often implemented directly on the virtual prototype).  The common understanding of developers is better than if they were simply exchanging information about the current status of planning, and travel time, travel costs and jetlag etc. can be avoided.


    New forms of citizen participation:

    In recent years citizens have become more and more critical of new building developments.


    Their minimal or late involvement in the process is increasingly leading to significant time delays and consequent increases in costs. An early involvement of citizens using VR could, for example, allow interested citizens to look at the proposed building using a VR headset and even wander around inside the building. They could express their wishes for changes directly in the VR system and these can then be collected and included in the further plans for the building.



    What are we offering here?



  • Team Development

    Every team typically experiences cycles of highs and lows. The highs occur whenever team members are able to direct all their energy towards their project tasks. The lows occur when something is inhibiting the work process (cumbersome work processes, annoying colleagues, a terrible boss…). Our team development measures extend the period of the highs and reduce or remove the periods of the lows. We are typically called in when:


    a new manager has been appointed who wants to get off

    to a good start with the team

    there are conflicts within the team or with the manager


    the team would like to have a workshop at regular intervals (normally once a year) to reflect on and try to improve their work.

    We usually start once we have had a meeting with the manager (and, if appropriate, some preliminary meetings with about half of the team members). This allows us, in conjunction with the manager, to develop and run an appropriate workshop.

    In the case of conflict workshops we recommend a follow-up workshop after 3-6 months to ensure a sustainable development.

  • Future Direction Workshops

    You would like to orientate your company (or your team) towards the future. We will support you in this by moderating the necessary workshops, and by ensuring that everyone involved is able to freely express their concerns and suggestions so that they can go along with the new direction. As process consultants we do not replace the business-orientated consultants but rather ensure that their work falls on fertile ground. An overview of our services is given below:




  • Change Management Projects

    Every organisational change unleashes a plethora of emotions (anticipation, insecurity, fear…). These emotions require an appropriate space in which all their diverse aspects can be aired, so that the change process is not hindered.

    Change also raises lots of practical issues that have to be

    dealt with before a successful implementation.

    Change Management ensures that:



    as many as possible of those involved or affected by the changes understand, accept and support the aim of the changes

    structures and processes are functionally appropriate

    and that the culture and behaviour of management is appropriate to the changed situation

    We can offer you the following support for your planned changes:



    Design of the change management process

    Moderation of change workshops

    Conflict resolution in large groups

    Qualification seminars where there is a need to transfer knowledge about processes (e.g. leading discussions,

    project management, moderation)

    Seminars on change management

  • Conflict resolution in large groups

    With a team of moderators appropriate to the size of the group, we ensure that all the different opinions about the situation and all the different needs of the participants are brought to the surface. In this way a common view of the situation is created and the participants oriented towards

    the new direction.

  • PM Seminar in conjunction with a Project Kick-off Meeting

    This combination of workshop and seminar is most appropriate when you:




    want to prepare an as yet inexperienced project team to work on a project and, at the same time, to lay down a good foundation for a successful project

    have a team in the hierarchy (e.g. in a department)

    which will in future have to manage a lot of projects

    and which has not had sufficient training and needs a common understanding of the approach

    In the seminar, participants learn about the methods and techniques of project management and work together on 1-3 common projects. In this way shared project management know-how is developed as well as 1-3 project plans that can be directly put into practice. At the same time we ensure that there is a commitment to those agreements that are essential to successful project management and that those agreements are kept to. In this way we ensure the ongoing success of any future projects.


What we do ourselves, we can also train others to do. Depending on your situation and your aim, we can offer you an extensive range of tailor-made seminars. In our training sessions we set great store on making sure that what participants learn can be practised using real-life work situations, and that more time is spent on these training exercises and the subsequent reflection on them rather than on the time spent providing training input. We make sure that there is a pleasant and trusting working atmosphere and we actively manage the group process. A variety of different training methods are used (e.g. plenary discussions, working in small groups, role plays, personal reflection) to ensure continuous attention. There is a lot of laughter in our training sessions – they are great fun. All this taken together ensures a high level of learner success.

Coaching for Project Leaders

and Managers

The coaches in our network have studied various methods of coaching. What is common to all of us however is that we work with the systemic approach and we promote your personal development based on your strengths.


In the first meeting you get to know your coach and we establish common goals and agree how long the coaching will last. If desired, your manager or a representative from the personnel department can take part in the meeting. If the chemistry is right, you will meet your coach at regular intervals to work on your particular topics. The coaching process ends with a final review meeting where you reflect on your work together and on how you have developed.


My network partners are located throughout Germany and there is almost certainly one available near you.

How we work

We have available a wide range of concepts and methods that we can apply to every situation.

  • Methods and Sources of Inspiration


    Systemic consultancy

    Moderation methods based on the work of Karin Klebert

    Simultaneous visualisations

    Project management

    Cultural aspects when designing inter-cultural cooperation


    Organisational development based on the work of

    Friedrich Glasl



    A variety of approaches from communication psychology (e.g. from Schulz von Thun)

    Outdoor exercises

    In addition the consultants in our network have often mastered special methods (e.g. the Blue Ocean method or Six Sigma).

  • Worldwork

    Worldwork is based on the process-oriented psychology developed by Arnold und Amy Mindell in the 1970s and has been used in developing organisations, as well as in conflict resolution within groups.

    It has been influenced by various approaches from psychology, but also from physics. This has led in many cases to a new insight into processes that often opens up new opportunities for solving problems.


    Using the Worldwork approach, conflicts can be worked on and dealt with not only on the rational and emotional level, but also on the assumption of the existence of an intentional level. Central to this approach is a focus on the construction, the manifestation and the experience of the area of conflict.


    Once all the levels of manifestation and experience


    even experiences that are difficult to express - have been included and worked on, the area of conflict develops by itself and moves in a new direction that enables new insights and opportunities for resolution (in a similar way to the dialogue method). The key questions in Worldwork are: how is this area of conflict trying to develop? Which direction is it heading in?


  • From first contact to the end of the process

    My whole network and I distinguish ourselves through our cooperative approach. We see ourselves as the experts in processes and you as the experts in the business content and context.


    We work very respectfully. We recognise the strengths of each individual and the unique contribution they bring. We give our participants the courage to follow their own path in their own way, and we support learning for groups and individuals.


    We make use of humour in our work and believe it is very important for participants to have fun in the sessions.

    This is how we are able to create a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome and feels not only able to, but also ready to do their best. At the same time we will tackle difficult topics openly and respectfully wherever this is necessary for the current process.


    When choosing appropriate measures for you we are always pragmatic and keep your requirements in mind. My network consultants will never try to sell you more than you actually need.



Here you can find a selection of the clients I have previously worked with.

I can give you some contact names on request.


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