Lukas Hohler

Born 1971

M.A. Conflict Resolution,

Diploma in Process-oriented Psychology

Since 2006 freelance consultant,

coach and trainer

Main focus:


Conflict and communication training, crisis intervention and prevention of violence, moderation of change processes, Worldwork

Experience as consultant und trainer:


2006 – 2010 consultancy, development of methods and training for sip teams (security/intervention/prevention) in Zürich,

Lucerne and Bern (Switzerland): conflict management und crisis intervention in the public sphere

2008 – 2012 development and implementation of the “Strong Leaders” training programme (Switzerland, Germany, Greece)

2010 – 2011 development and implementation of the “Being Strong in Youth Work” training programme

2011 – 2012 development of the “Leaders Empowered” qualification programme





Organisational development, working with large groups, threat management and prevention of violence




German and English


Other information:


Lives in Zürich (Switzerland) and Portland, OR (USA). Passionate traveller and nomad in the service of empowerment

Mathildenstrasse 17, 20357 Hamburg


phone: (+49) 174 91 123 94

e-mail: mr[at]

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