Consultant Network

In order to provide you with the most suitable Consultant/Trainer, I work together with the following network partners who can offer an extremely wide range of consultancy skills:

Gissou Assmann

Project management, systemic consulting, intercultural workshops, change management, leadership development, facilitation,


Max Barros

Moderation of workshops, junior management trainings, project management trainings

Lukas Hohler

Conflict and communication

training, crisis intervention and prevention of violence, moderation

of change processes,


Caspar Fröhlich

Executive coaching, change management in strategic initiatives, deep democracy

Dr. Andreas Kreibich

Consulting for strategy and change management, process optimization, project management, interim management

Christoph Püttgen

Change management and organisational development; management coaching und training; moderation of workshops, group processes and large group events; team development; conflict moderation

Annegret Lange

De Angelis

Management development,

project support with change management, team development, moderation, consultant training,

and currently focusing on strengthening the personality

of managers

Merle Runge

Facilitation of change management workshops and of project workshops,

intercultural workshops, training project management and

intercultural cooperation

Silke Sichart

Supporting change processes, management development,

team development, training consultants, communication training (moderation, presentation,

conflict management),

current special interests:

language and brain research

Axel Schäfer

Support of change processes,

heading a strategic programme

for managers and specialists,

team development,

training in core skills

Wilbert L. Olinde

Inspiration coaching, inspiration TeamBall, inspiration impulse,

mental training, team development,

personal development, peak performance and mental fitness development

Kerstin Stolzenberg

Consultancy and support of

processes involving structural, organisational, procedural and

cultural change

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